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Ransomware making you WannaCry

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WannaCry Attack

Have you ever heard of the WannaCry attack that infected over 400,000 computers in 2017? The WannaCry attack infected thousands of data worldwide, especially those in Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan. Also, a large scale of organizations, big and small, such as Boeing Commercial Airplanes, National Health Services, and FedEx were hit by the virus. The cost from the cyber attack reached billions of dollars, coming from companies who actually paid in an attempt to recover their data. The WannaCry incident prompted businesses all over the world to scramble for insurance and cybersecurity. This strike is an example of crypto-ransomware used by many cyber-criminals to keep user data hostage.

Ransomware and Its Victims

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that comes in different forms with a common goal: to extort money from individuals like us. Like the WannaCry attack, this type of ransomware encrypts files to restrict users from using or accessing their accounts. Other types of ransomware can vary from lockers, where the user is locked out of their device; to scareware, where users are threatened by face virus attacks. A ransomware attack can cause YOU and many businesses to lose significant data and money.

Ransomware making you WannaCry

Hackers DO NOT single out anyone from their mischievous activities and will go after single individuals to large corporations.  How Can You Save Your Data? The simplest way to save your data is to have a reliable IT back up or top-notch knowledge in computers and cybersecurity. However, many individuals lack the skills and expertise; and even then, cyber-attacks are constantly evolving and there are no guarantees that your devices are safe. Even without high knowledge of cybersecurity and technology, there are ways for you to make sure your data is safe. You need to step up and make sure that you and everyone else who accesses your computer practices safe browsing procedures, avoiding any unsecured websites and ensuring good password protection. (You can learn about good passwords on Captain IT’s Tech Tip #3)  


It’s critical to maintain a full, daily backup for your data so you never have to pay the ransom AND your backup needs to be a professional grade and impervious to ransomware attacks. 

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Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers are setting their sights on small and medium businesses who are “low hanging fruit.” Don’t be their next victim! Click here to download this free report that reveals the most common ways that hackers get in and how to protect yourself.  We work 24/7 year-round to ensure that your business does not fall prey to data breaches. For more information on how your business can best be protected, schedule a FREE 2-hour assessment with Captain IT by filling out the form linked. 

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