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We’ve got some important info for you about keeping your company’s data and computer systems safe and sound. If your business relies on computers to run the show, don’t skip out on this report!

This report is going to lay it all out for you in plain English, no geek-speak involved. We’re talking about the common blunders that a lot of fellow small business owners make with their computer networks. These mistakes could be costing you thousands in lost sales, productivity, and repair bills. Lucky for you, we’ve got a simple, proven way to slash these costs and stress.

You’ll Discover:

  • The number one big-money blunder most small business owners commit when it comes to shielding their company’s data.
  • The big myth most business owners buy into about their computer networks, which could drain your wallet by anywhere from $9,000 to a whopping $60,000.
  • Six crucial security measures that every small business should have in place.
  • The lowdown on how to ditch those annoying crashes, slow performance, and other pesky computer issues.
  • Say goodbye to pricey computer repairs! Get all the tech support you need at a fixed, budget-friendly monthly rate. 


September 2023

From the Desk of: Anthony Hernandez

President & CEO of Captain IT

Dear Colleague,

Have you ever lost an hour’s worth of work on your computer?

Now imagine that stretching into days or even weeks of lost work. Or think about losing all your client info, financial records, and every piece of work your company ever created.

Imagine if your whole network went MIA for days, leaving you without email and access to your PC’s info. Annoying, right? And what if a major disaster like a storm, flood, or fire wiped out your office and all your files?

Or a nasty virus wiped out your server? Do you have a solid plan to get back on track? How fast could you bounce back, if at all?

Sounds like a nightmare, but truth is, many small biz owners don’t give a thought to securing their company’s network until disaster strikes. By then, the damage is done, and it’s way too late.

“But that could never happen to me!”

That’s what most business owners think…

After working with a large number of small and mid-size businesses in Southern California we’ve seen 6 out of 10 hit a major tech disaster. These nightmares cost them anywhere from $9,000 to a massive $60,000 in repairs and recovery costs on average. And that’s not even considering the lost sales, productivity, and customer goodwill when a business can’t deliver due to technical glitches.

You might find it hard to put a number on the financial hit computer problems could have on your biz. But let’s be real – if your business ever came to a grinding halt because your server crashed, you get the frustration and financial hit, even if you haven’t done the math.

Here’s the kicker: Most computer problems are like ninjas – they strike without warning, often when it’s least convenient.

Hardware fails, viruses sneak in, and before you know it, chaos. Viruses and sneaky spyware are the worst – they do damage undercover. For instance, spyware can swipe your info and send it to outsiders without you even knowing.

And don’t think your network’s safe just because a tech consultant did an audit. Hackers and viruses are always lurking, looking to mess up your system. Sadly, most tech consultants just do the “fix it when it’s broken” thing. Sounds good, but that leaves you open to all sorts of threats and issues. You need proactive protection, not just patching up when things fall apart.

Let’s review the statistics:

  • Businesses suffer an average of 501 hours of network downtime each year, costing around 3.6% of annual revenue. (Source: Infonetics Research)
  • 93% of companies that lose their data center for over 10 days due to a disaster face bankruptcy within a year, and half go under immediately. (Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington)
  • Around 20% of small to medium businesses go through a major data disaster every 5 years. (Source: Richmond House Group)
  • This year, 40% of small to medium businesses running their network and using the Internet beyond email will get hit by hackers. More than 50% won’t even realize they were attacked. (Source: Gartner Group)
  • In a Contingency Planning & Management Cost of Downtime Survey: 46% said every hour of downtime costs up to $50,000, 28% said it’s between $51,000 and $250,000, 18% said it’s between $251,000 and $1 million, and 8% said it’s over $1 million. (Source: Cost of Downtime Survey Results, 2001)
  • Cyber-criminals grabbed about $900 from each of 3 million Americans last year, and that’s not even counting the PCs wiped out by spyware. (Source: Gartner Group)

What’s This Actually Costing Your Business?

Even if we ignore the lost productivity and look at the hard costs of fixing and restoring your network, it’s a bitter pill. Big network repairs gobble up an average of 4 to 8 hours, and often, consultants can’t be there for 24 to 48 hours. With the average consultant charging over $100 an hour plus emergency fees, repairs alone can set you back $600 to $1,000. And that’s before you count any needed software or hardware. Over a year, you could easily cough up $1,800 to $3,000. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for larger networks.

The real frustration? All of this could’ve been easily avoided with a bit of planning and smart upkeep.

Why Small Businesses Are Extra Vulnerable

Let’s face it – tech’s changing all the time, and new threats pop up daily. Keeping a small network smooth needs skilled folks, but hiring a full-time tech whiz? Not many small biz owners can swing that.

Most try to save a buck by tackling IT support in-house, often tapping the most tech-savvy person on the team. But guess what? They’re busy with their actual job, not running a network. Result? A wobbly, neglected network. Backups, virus updates, security patches? Yeah, those probably won’t be on their radar. It’s only a matter of time before the whole thing goes haywire. Sure, you might get off with some downtime, but you could also land in the nightmare zone.

The Solution? Six Things You Should Do Right Now to Avoid Disasters:

Now, let’s get real – you can’t dodge every tech issue, but you can tackle most with some smart moves. Even if you’re not a tech whiz, a bit of watchful care can save you from the worst.

  1. Back Up Your Stuff Every Day:

Picture this: You’ve written something super important on a chalkboard, and I come along and erase it. Poof, gone! Unless you’ve got a copy, you’re out of luck. Same with your network – back it up!

  1. Check Your Backups Often:

Setting up backups is cool, but don’t set and forget. Check them out to make sure they’re working. Trust me, a backup that seems fine might actually be a dud.

  1. Offsite Backups Rock:

Imagine a fire or flood taking out your server and backups. Ouch, right? Keep a copy far from your main place, just in case.

  1. Don’t Ignore Viruses:

Seriously, viruses are like those annoying party crashers. They wreck your network and your rep. Keep your virus protection up-to-date always.

  1. Lock Down Your Network:

Hackers don’t care about biz size. They’re sneaky and love to mess with your network. So, set up a good ol’ firewall to keep them out.

  1. Stay Updated:

Software updates? Critical! Hackers can exploit weak spots. Stay on top of those updates and beat ’em at their own game.

Secure Your FREE Network Checkup:

If you’re reading this, cheers! We’ve got a treat for you. We’re offering a FREE Network Security Audit, a $250 value. We’ll swing by and:

– Hunt down vulnerabilities and risks.

– Give your backup system the once-over.

– Hunt for sneaky viruses and spyware.

– Unearth hidden problems causing crashes and slow downs.

– Answer any questions about your network or tech plans.


No strings attached! This is our way of showing how we can help your business at zero cost and risk to you.

Ready for a rock-solid network? Here’s how to secure your Free Network Security Audit:

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Wishing you glitch-free and secure networking,

Anthony Hernandez

President & CEO

Captain IT

(951) 335-4650

P.S. Don’t snooze on this – the FREE Security Audit offer has an expiration date. Act now to lock in your slot. No pressure to buy anything, just a chance to secure your network’s future.